A chilled evening with wine in hand

A chilled evening with wine in hand

A Chilled Evening With Wine In Hand

At any time, be it day or night, there is always someone out there pouring themself a glass of their favourite wine. The best thing about this drink of choice is the fact that it can be had anywhere, either alone in your house or at a social gathering with friends. It can be had by itself or paired with a meal.

From choices like the white, red, rose, sweet and sparkling, there is a wine for every situation. Gone are the days when you would travel to places like Paris or Georgia to sample exquisite wine, all that luxury has now been brought to Lagos. Cutting off the extra cost of travelling for wine tasting, here is Geo travel’s list of locations to have a glass or two with some friends.

  • 1415 Steakhouse and Seafood

Located in Victoria Island at the Eko Hotel, 1415 Steakhouse and Seafood is not just your regular restaurant in a hotel, it is one that thrives in offering guests quality eating experience. Here, you are taken on a journey of culinary excellence and treated to the finest steak and seafood. Their subtle blend of classical and jazz music sets the mood, allowing guests to sip top-notch wine in an environment intended for royalty.

  • Shiro

Looking for an amazing spot to enjoy classic wine with some friends? Shiro, a Pan-Asian restaurant located at Landmark Centre is just what you need. With dishes from Japan, Korea, Thailand, the Mediterranean, you are offered the opportunity to pair international cuisines with the wine of your choice.

  • Noir

Holding the title as the first French-inspired restaurant in Lagos, Noir combines fine dining with a warm and ambient environment. Along with giving guests a taste of Paris without leaving the shores of Nigeria, an array of mouth-watering dishes are served as customer satisfaction is the number one priority. As a way to cater to the unique needs of guests, Noir offers a plethora of options from their vast collection of international fine wines.

  • Rhapsody’s

Having four outlets in Nigeria, two of which are in Lagos, Rhapsody’s offers guests a venue to have dinner with friends or celebrate special occasions. Surround yourself with the vibrant atmosphere found here as you enjoy finger food or sumptuous meals, intended for those with sophisticated taste buds to be paired with any choice of superior cocktails and wines.

  • Tarragon

Combining French and Nigerian techniques, Tarragon ensures that everyone that walks through their doors has their needs directly met. This restaurant located in Ikoyi has a menu that is refined to suit modern palates and exemplify the art of cooking. Offering guests with the option to add a little spice to this eating experience, they also have a wide assortment of wine options to choose from.

We encourage you to treat yourself and some friends to one of these outstanding restaurants for an unforgettable wine tasting experience. As the French merchant, Andre Simon said; “Wine makes every meal an occasion and every table more elegant.”

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