GeoTravel’s Lakowe Weekend Getaway

GeoTravel’s Lakowe Weekend Getaway

GeoTravel’s Lakowe Weekend Getaway

We all know that weekends are all about taking a load off, relaxing and preparing for the week ahead but wouldn’t it be cool to head over to an amazing location where you get that and more? That is what GeoTravels promised a few lucky people who chose to trade their regular weekend at home for a relaxing one at the incredible Lakowe.

When the guests arrived at Lakowe, the GeoTravel staff were ready to show everyone a great time. To start, everyone was taken on a tour around the property, the guests got a chance to familiarize themselves with their new home for the weekend. From the inside of the house where they dropped off their belongings to the lakeside where they took pictures. 

After all this, the guests were taken back into the house where an assortment of snacks and drinks were served for their enjoyment. From various juices for those with a sweet tooth to beer and wine for those looking for something a little stronger, everyone’s taste was accounted for. The day progressed with more socializing with the men heading over for a game of pool (snooker) and the women lounging on the couches playing ludo.

To add to the entertainment, a movie was played as a way to wind down the day a little bit in preparation for the adventure the Geo team had planned for the group the next day. The night progressed with dinner which was followed by a few guests taking walks around the property while others headed back to their game of pool before bed.

Due to how much everyone enjoyed themselves the previous day, no one was able to wake up for the early morning workout session. It was even said by a guest, “The environment was so peaceful, the bed was so soft, I can’t remember the last time I slept this well.” The day was ushered in with light socializing before, during and after breakfast. 

In preparation for the day ahead, the guests took showers, packed their things and set out for the adventure that the Geo team had planned. To make this a well-rounded experience, guests were taken to LUFASI nature park. LUFASI, short for Lekki Urban Forestry and Animal Shelter Initiative is a magnificent location that not only offered sights and sound but also an educational aspect for the guests.

Being the ever prepared company, a member of the Geo team was already on site waiting to welcome the guests and take them on a tour with the help of a LUFASI guide. The Forest Bathing stop was a spice added to the tour where the guests learnt that is an ancient Japanese practice which helps detoxify the body and centre the mind. Perhaps the most entertaining aspect was feeding the monkeys – Sonia, Obasanjo, Alex, Jagaban and Jackie Chan

This weekend was capped with a fun ping pong game played by the guests at the nature park before saying goodbye to each other and heading back to their individual houses.

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