The Picasso Within

The Picasso Within

The Picasso Within

Birthed out of the sheer will to be better than the Europeans and prove that Nigerians have talent, Nigerian art has grown and surpassed expectations. Back in the 15th century, the death of Iyoba Idia (Queen Mother of Oba Esigie) inspired a figurine that became so famous, it thrust the Benin Kingdom into the world of arts.

Even till today, the creativity of the Nok, Benin, Igbo Ukwu, Owo, Esie and Ife energises Nigerian creatives to produce works that prove that art truly lives on. The Nigerian art has (and continues to) travelled around the world in forms of painting, carving, sculpture and poetry showing off how skilful we are.

Join us to celebrate the creativity that is all around us as we share with you our top five art galleries in Lagos. Not only will you be immersed in the beauty everywhere but it will hopefully serve as a source of inspiration.

  • Omenka Gallery

First established in 2003, the Omenka Gallery has grown to become one of the leading art establishments in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. In the business of supporting both established and upcoming artists, vintage and contemporary pieces are featured here including art by the renowned artist Ben Enwowu. The gallery located in Ikoyi also doubles as a museum and holds musical evenings and book signings.

  • ReLe Gallery

Known for their unconventional art salons and installations, ReLe Gallery continues to pique the interest of young Nigerians in the visual arts. Located on the Mainland, events are usually hosted with various prominent creatives in attendance. After being established in 2010, they have nurtured upcoming artists, teaching them the craft and helping them improve.

With mentions in publications like Financial Times, LA Times, BBC, Guardian and Vogue, ReLe prides itself on being a dynamic contemporary art gallery that exhibits cutting-edge and game-changing visual artists. 

  • Terra Art Gallery

At the Terra Kulture Art Gallery, the expression of Nigerian art is found in the numerous creative pieces on display by talented individuals. This gallery situated in Victoria Island is a remarkable destination for any and all art enthusiasts in Lagos. With outstanding painting, photographs and sculptures by some of Nigeria’s most revered names, Terra showcases creativity at its finest.

  • Nike Art Gallery

Famous for its Adire, Batik, and Indigo artworks on fabric, Nike Art Gallery is one that speaks volumes about the Nigerian culture. Owned by the world-renowned artist and Designer Nike Davies Okundaye, this gallery is not only present in Lekki Phase I but in various centres around Nigeria. Taking pride in art and all it stands for, Nike also holds classes that teach beadwork, tie and dye, drumming, and other crafts.

  • Red Door Gallery

Known as the gallery that owns the largest private art space in Nigeria, the Red Door Gallery prides itself in representing and displaying art that is unconventional. As a way to provide artists with the perfect platform to showcase their talent beyond social boundaries, this Victoria Island gallery focuses exclusively on African art.

With an abundance of artistic prowess so close to home, treat yourself and your other art enthusiastic friends to a visit at one or all of these locations. Alternatively, join any of our curated events to explore the beauty in art, eat, drink, laugh, network and even get art lessons. 

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